The GoPro Spike is a mount for a GoPro Hero camera which enables video or still photographs to be taken at ground level.

I have used it to take video of  birds feeding on the lawn, controlling the camera via the wireless remote but I am sure that there are many other situations in which this unusual mount can be used. (I say "unusual" simply because I have not seen anything like it anywhere else - most GoPro mounts are designed to fix the camera onto things which move!).

The alternative would be to use a GoPro tripod mount and small tripod but that of course will not enable you to get the camera as low as possible. Simply placing the camera on the ground itself is not always practical - or safe!

Included with the spike, which carries a standard domed nut, is a GoPro thumbscrew as shown in the photographs.

Instructions for use

Fix your GoPro Hero camera to the standard connector at the top of the spike using the included thumbscrew - as with all GoPro mounts, do NOT overtighten as this is likely to cause damage - fix securely enough to lock the camera into position.

Push the spike and camera into the ground. Don't force it and remember that it is not intended to go into concrete - you may need to moisten the ground in advance to make it soft enough to accommodate the spike.