Save the Cork! 

Not a slogan you hear on a regular basis, (if at all), but have you noticed how the cork is gradually being replaced by screw tops on bottled wine? Now you can save the cork and create instant memories all at the same time by creating Corky the pig and Corky the fish!

These things, designed by uauproject and published on Thingiverse at the end of December 2013 use a wine cork to connect two 3D printed pieces to create either a pig or a fish which you can place on your desk to remind you of that "special evening" or simply give away for a bit of fun! They are sized to fit over almost every wine cork but be patient - you may need 24 hours or so to allow the cork to expand from its compressed state in the bottle.

Cork pals are priced in pairs which fit well on the build plate of my Mendel90 printer.